Why Just FED’s

With over 18 years’ experience working closely with client HR Departments - both remotely & onsite – we know how the performance of a recruitment agency can be detrimental to entire hiring process

Did you know that most Front End Developers don’t use Job Boards? How can you hire the best Front End Developer if you only have access to half of the available talent?

At Just FEDs, instead we use traditional networking connections, social media (LinkedIn, GitHub, Bitbucket & Twitter to name a few), attending regular Front End meet-ups/ industry Expos. We are also experts at Boolean/ Semantic candidate sourcing – including training & working alongside many of Google’s own in-house resourcers - this allows us to source the best talent for you, from across the UK & Europe

With our size, we focus all of our attention here at Just FEDs towards providing unparalleled levels of Delivery & Service when hiring a Front End Developer

Tell us what you need & let us introduce you to your next Front End Developer

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